Ruslan Angelo Gets Double Penetraed By Rafael & Gabriel


LUCAS – Ruslan Angelo Gets Double Penetraed By Rafael & Gabriel.

Lucas said: “Ruslan Angelo is known for his handsome face, beautifully muscled body, big uncut dick, and—most of all—his bubble butt that he loves to get thrashed. Well, then we need to give Rafael Alencar a call. Because Rafael , one of the ultimate uncut tops to star in the entire gay porn industry, is just the man to bang Ruslan’s bubble butt, and snatches up Ruslan on Fire Island to do exactly that. But Ruslan’s appetite to take raw dick up in his ass is great and deep, so he invites his buddy Gabriel Phoenix to join them. Rafael lets Gabriel loosen up Ruslan first, but then he moves in and claims his territory. Rafael and Gabriel take it to the next level by opening up Ruslan further with dildos before double-penetrating him!”

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